We have professionals with experience, knowledge and skills.

Experts with a long experience in the real estate market and various sectors.

To reduce risk and volatility in revenue generation and profitability in line with the needs of consumers today.

Mr.Chaisith Viriyamettakul

Chairman of the Board

Committee Chairman's Message

The company determines the code of best practices used as the regulation in the company's operation for the benefit of business transaction and used to support transparency and efficiency of the manager that leads to the confidence in the group of shareholders, investors and all related groups with the main point summarized below:

  • Policy of Business Supervision
  • Shareholder's Right and Equality
  • Stakeholder's Right
  • Shareholder's Meeting
  • Leadership and Vision
  • Disagreement of Benefit
  • Business Morality
  • Integration or Disintegration of Position
  • Compensation of Director, Managing Director and Executive
  • Board of Sub-director
  • Control System and Internal Examination
  • Board's Report
  • Relationship with Investor

Correct, Complete,
Punctual and Transparent under
Determined Standard.

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